Veepstakes 2008: McCain’s Final Four?

Hugh Hewitt is reporting that the McCain VP shortlist has been narrowed down to four names, though maybe not the names you would expect. Hewitt says he got the names from Mike Allen at The Politico, who I assume got them from someone inside the campaign – although exactly who is unknown.

What started as a list of about two dozen names may now be down to just four men – Eric Cantor, a Virginia Rep; Rob Portman, a former economic advisor to the President; Tom Ridge, fmr. Secretary of Homeland Security and Governor of Pennsylvania; and Mitt Romney, fmr. Governor of Massachusetts.

There aren’t any really big surprises on that list – though Cantor has been a relative unknown until now. Ridge, Portman, and Romney have all been frequently mentioned in the media as potential VPs. The real surprise comes in who isn’ton the list – in particular, five people all thought to have been near the top of the list: Bobby Jindal (LA), Charlie Crist (FL), Sarah Palin (AK), Mike Huckabee (AR) , and Tim Pawlenty (MN). Pawlenty was thought to be at the top by many people who believed him able to deliver MN, it was also thought that his strong support for McCain during the primary would help.

Is this the real shortlist, I don’t know. It does look credible, but with McCain [officially] keeping his cards close, we’re unlikely to see any confirmation. As I’ve mentioned before, McCain is apparently running the search himself, so we may not know for sure who he is looking at until he actually makes the decision.



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10 responses to “Veepstakes 2008: McCain’s Final Four?

  1. Dave from Illinois

    If this is McCain’s shortlist, then he’s toast in November because there is nothing exciting about a ticket with any of these picks.
    My thought has been that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would be the secret weapon that would secure the presidency for McCain. It seems the only sensible choice if he intends on beating the Obama phenomenon.
    But, McCain is quite unpredictable and shoots himself in the foot regularly when it comes to doing what his party would like. If he picks some boring white guy, I’m taking the next 6 months off of politics and I’ll not be participating in his campaign, I do know that. And, I’m sure there are millions just like me.

  2. Ted

    Ridge, boring (loser for McCain)
    Portman, OK, but no real plus
    Cantor, interesting, Jewish & Va is an iffy state.
    Romney, pluses and minuses are well known already

    But, Palin (unless she herself is taking herself out of the race) is by far the way to go (if the GOP wants to assure victory in November).

  3. Ted

    Dave from Ill, yah, if McCain picks some boring white guy, I’m outta here too!

  4. What are you, some Democrats? We don’t play racial or sexual politics here in the GOP, so stop griping. If “some boring white guy” is deemed best qualified by our nominee to be his running mate, suck it up and support him..

  5. Ted

    Justin H, Of course I’ll still vote for the GOP, but emotionally I’d be outta here.

    Insofar as “sexual” politics, I play politics to win, and if Palin/woman right now is the best way to jam it down the Dems and make the GOP the winning party for the USA, because I love America, then call it “sexual” politics or whatever you want.

    Aside from the fact that watching Palin doings will be a very entertaining and interesting media adventure.

  6. Ted

    Palin certainly IS more than qualified but, anyway, what good is “best qualified” if that “best qualified” loses the election for McCain.

    I happen to think that I am best qualified, but I couldn’t run in or win in an election.

  7. If The Veepstakes game is any indication, Facebook users think Carly Fiorina and Charlie Crist are still in it…

  8. M.L. Liberty

    if hillary clinton couldnt get over the hump, i dont know how palin will. palin hasn’t been tested nationally, she hasn’t been through the media crush. she hasn’t even been a surrogate. she will look like a political ploy, and for mccain who has argued experience and passing the commander in chief test, she wouldnt pass. she has been the gov. of a state of 600k for 2 years. mccain cant criticize obama and pick her with a straight face.

    mitt will help in organization, fundraising, volunteers, and in key regions of the country like the southwest and michigan. he brings the economic cred mccain and obama lack, and he has been through the rigors of the national media crush.

  9. Ron

    I agree with you guys. Sarah Palin would guarantee a Republican win. She is the future of the party. The problem with women candidates for years has been whether or not they could balance being feminine and masculine at different times. Sarah is the only female politician I see that has mastered the art. Hillary can’t do it, neither could Elizabeth Dole. She thinks like a man. She is aggressive. She likes sports,fishing,hunting,but is very attractive. I think she would have to be coached on how to maintain better eye contact during debates. She also has this bad habit of playing with a pencil during debates. She begins to twirl it. She is excellent in front of the camera one on one. She almost looks like she wants to grab you and give you a hug when she is speaking and giving an interview. She is better than Obama on camera. Mccain sucks. A boring white guy will cause the Dems and the media to savage Republicans as being racist and sexist. The Dems will play the race card.

  10. Pat

    Unknowns might just be the offset to knowns in 2008 as is becoming obvious from the Democratic convention.

    Since unknowns have the advantage of clean slates, it’s difficult to argue with 0, a prime number if ever there was one.

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