The Ball is in Pelosi’s Court

House Republicans have now ended their day-long protest of Democrat’s decision to adjourn for a five week vacation without passing an energy bill to help Americans with the high cost of gas. More than 50 Republicans, and dozens of tourists and aides occupied the House Chamber, trying to get their point accross that Congress needs to act now – but, it still doesn’t look like they got the message. But, in any case, the event is over – at least for now. And, while many would like to see it continue (and it still may), I’m not so sure. Of course its a good cause, but their is only so long that you can jump up and down on the desk (which may or many not be an exaggeration) before you come off as a bit crazy and seem to be more a joke. The mission was accomplished – at least as much as they are going to accomplish without the Democrats also in attendance. They drew attention to the issue, showed how dedicated they were, and got some good campaign material.

Time will tell if President Bush will use his power to force the Democrats into special session.


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