Obama Picks Bayh as VP – Glitch Reveals Pick Early (Updates – Hoax?)

This is the kind of thing that isn’t supposed to happen – but, it appears that Obama’s VP will be Ind Senator Evan Bayh. This is coming from a premature release of the email which the Obama campaign intended to send out to supporters the morning of the announcement.

CNN reported the leak at this url: http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/08/18/bayh.vp

..but that article has since been pulled from the site. However, THIS SCREENSHOT confirms that the article did, in fact, go up a little after 8 PM.

Still waiting for this to be picked up by FOX, I’ll report developments as they happen.

UPDATE:  Aron Goldman from www.race42008.compointed out that the CNN article contains a couple of typos, suggesting this may be a fake. That is, of course, possible (I didn’t take the screenshot myself, so I can’t confirm the authenticity of it – though I don’t see Bayh as being the person to inspire a rumor mill – but mistakes aren’t uncommon online, Fox continues to report Obama’s speech at the 1904DNC convention.

UPDATE 2: At this point, I want to welcome the readers from www.shotsonthehouse.com, www.instapundit.com, and www.amerpundit.com – as well as any other sites that have picked up the story that I haven’t seen yet.  As mentioned, I cannot independently confirm the story – we will have to wait for the Obama campaign or CNN to comment for that. However, at least at this point, I see no reason to doubt the authenticity. The article follows CNN format, and the screenshot shows no signs of doctoring. In addition, Bayh has long been rumored to be the potential pick, so this could very well be a mistake leading to the unintentional release of the Veep. In any case, I’m bringing out the red light.

Update 3: At this point, I’ll mention that my source for this story comes from a friend of mine who I can generally rely on to send me anything he thinks might be major news. Generally, I’ve already seen it, though this is not the case in this situation. I will have to wait until morning to ask him if he took the picture himself, or got it from somebody else – though I don’t see him intentionally feeding me a fake story.  If, tomorrow, I find out this is a game of Internet telephone, I’ll let you know, and advise you to take it with a grain of salt – though I think that is worth doing ANYTIME we get a story from someplace other than the Obama campaign. As I said earlier, I can’t confirm it myself, but, right now, have no reason to doubt this. In any case, I figured it was worth reporting with the disclaimer.

UPDATE 4: As I just said, I have no reason right now to doubt that this story is true. However, there are some concerns about spelling. This could be nothing, or it could indicate a hoax. However, all other aspects of the article – including the URL, and basically everything else, seem to be in order.

UPDATE 5: Hot Air presents some evidence that this may  be a hoax. Apparently, the story never showed up in a RSS feed – that could suggest a hoax, although I’m not sure about how long it would take to show up, and if a story disappears from an RSS feed when it is removed. The are ready to call it a hoax – I won’t go that far yet, though, as always, you have to take things like this with a grain of salt.

UPDATE 6: As much as I hate to say this, I think we may have all been had by…someone. This comes from the tab at the top of image which shows a title different from the bottom bar and the top banner. This suggests that the photo has been edited. This could be – if it is a fake – the template they used. Alex Knepper points out that a similar event happened four years ago with John Kerry – so, at least we aren’t alone. As to WHO did this, I have no idea. Theories that I’ve seen (and developed) range from someone trying to manipulate the intrade markets (no sign it had an effect there), to someone within the Obama campaign trying to distract from the real pick – which many people believe will be announced tomorrow.



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  2. Bob

    Related To Story

    * Video: Bumper Sticker Could Indicate Bayh’s Obama’s Veep

    Bumper Sticker Could Indicate Bayh Is Obama’s Veep
    Company Would Not Confirm Information
    POSTED: 1:01 pm CDT August 22, 2008
    UPDATED: 4:44 pm CDT August 22, 2008
    LENEXA, Kan. — After weeks of speculation and days of intense rumors, the answer to who Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama would name as his running mate may have come down to a bumper sticker printed in Lenexa.KMBC’s Micheal Mahoney reported that the company, which specializes in political literature, has been printing Obama-Bayh material. That’s Bayh as in U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana. Word leaked out about the material as it was being printed up by Gill Studios of Lenexa. The Obama campaign had said it would make the announcement by text message on Friday.Gill Studios, would not confirm information about the material. They would not deny it either. The company president would not comment when asked by Mahoney about the reports. But at least three sources close to the plant’s operations reported the Obama-Bayh material was being produced.Bayh has a reputation as a fiscally conservative Democrat. Bayh endorsed Hillary Clinton and it is believed that he could help the Obama ticket by delivering a key battleground state.Obama has arranged a joint appearance for Saturday with his running mate at the state capitol in Springfield, Ill.Refresh this page for updates.Special Online Interactive:

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