Flashback: 2004 Veepstakes

A review of last night’s breaking news seems to show that it was none other than the ACT Blog that broke what, before about 9 PM, had been an email circulating in political cycberspace. Its since been debunked as a hoax – although the source is still unknown – but not before being picked up by about a dozen sites, including Pajamas Media, Free Republic, and Hot Air. Well, at least it gave us something to talk about for the night.

However, those of us who were tempted to believe the story can at least rest assured that we aren’t the first to fall for a false trail. As shown at right, the New York Post ran a story four years ago claiming an “exclusive” into the selection of Dick Gephardt as John Kerry’s running mate. Gephardt, of course, was not the pick – instead the nod went to John Edwards.


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