More Signs May Point to Mitt

Two days ago, I posted a copy of the RNC speaking order, and pointed out that Romney’s unusual timeslot – in the middle of the day – not exactly the prize you would expect for the man who placed second in the GOP primary, particularly when you consider that Mike Huckabee, who has done far less to stump for McCain, and who came in third, didreceive a primetime position. This led many to believe that Romney might be the VP, and that his timeslot would be moved to that night, when the VP is scheduled to speak.

Now, an event scheduled for Aug. 31st (two days after McCain will make his announcement) has raised even more red flags:

“Politico has learned that McCain will visit suburban St. Louis for a major rally with Romney and his still-bitter primary nemesis Mike Huckabee on Sunday, Aug. 31, the day before the start of the GOP convention.

Top Missouri Republicans yesterday received the invitation for a rally featuring McCain and his two top primary challengers. They’ll be joined by country star John Rich at a minor league baseball stadium in O’Fallon, Mo., about 35 miles west of St. Louis.

Missouri was hard-fought territory on Super Tuesday, with each of the three Republicans faring well. So the event would seem to represent a pre-convention unity rally in a swing state where each has a strong following. But Huckabee and Romney can hardly stand one another, and Huckabee has warned twice this month against selecting his once and perhaps future rival.”

So whats so strange about that? It isn’t who’s showing up, its who isn’t.  With John McCain making his announcement on the 29th, why would the new Veep not attend the event as well? Doesn’t it seem strange for McCain to surround himself with his two primary competitors without also having his VP there? And, if he was going to be there, wouldn’t it seem strange not to advertise that fact, even if only as “the unnamed VP pick will also attend”?

My theory: Romney isthe VP pick, and Huckabee is going to be there as a show of unity, to help ease concerns that Romney might alienate Evangelicals.



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4 responses to “More Signs May Point to Mitt

  1. Interesting commentary, and your reasons make sense. But I’ve also seen a lot of things that make sense not come true. I guess we’ll see for sure in just few more days.

  2. StevenInBrooklyn

    OK, this is slightly less baseless than your initial conjecture, but the question still begs: assuming the announcement is supposed to be a secret, why publicize this event if it’s contingent on Mitt being the VP? In your favor, I suppose, is that the event was just set up (assuming that’s true).

    Or, is this the first of a string of “hints” that will reveal the secret before the official announcement.


  3. J. Martin

    I sure hope it’s Romney. I don’t care much for Pawlenty. 😦

  4. Pamela

    In the article I read, it stated that Cindy McCain and the new VP will be there too.

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