Reactivating the Act Blog

Well, for the second time in about a month, the owner of a site has asked me to refrain from posting – which I will do. The first time this happened, it was because I dared to criticize the owner for what I viewed as bias against Mitt Romney. The second time, it was because I said – publicly – that I viewed Romney’s likely defeat in an online poll as a negative mark against the netroots organization (at least compared to others) put together by us Mittheads. I did not criticize Romney, nor did I intend to, and nor could any reasonable person have viewed what I said as an attack on the candidate I continue to strongly support.

But I do not apologize for either remark – I continue to believe that anyone who simply dismisses all polls or other information pointing to a likely victory for a particular candidate opens themselves up to accusations of bias, and I believe that Romney supporters need to do a better job at creating a web-based organization that will permit us to compete with other candidates in Internet polling. This is not a swipe against the candidate I support – but a prod to his supporters that maybe, just maybe, we could do a better job. I understand it is more difficult, harder, etc. – but I believe that it can, should, and must be done.

So, because I am apparently unable to express my views freely on other sites, I’ve decided to restart the Act Blog – not as prestigious or as popular as Race 4 2012 or other sites, but where I will be able to offer the kind of honest, dedicated commentary and analysis that has been the basis of my blogging for the last three years. Those who wish to continue reading what I have to say – as well as listening, as I am looking into restarting my radio show – can be assured that there will be no censorship here – either of my own thoughts or yours, and that debate will be open to those who support or oppose what I have to say. I’m going to open up the opportunity for other to apply to blog here – and that includes those who write for the sites where I am not welcome. All of my readers are also welcome to submit editorials for posting to – where I’ll try to post as many as I can. Considering the recent treatment I’ve received, I’m not going to put any restrictions on what can be said – and I’ll respond to what I don’t particularly agree with through a post of my own.

Basically, I’m back – and I’m looking for some help. Feel free to apply or simply submit your own articles for posting. Comments are also helpful. More to come.


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  1. Jerald

    Hi Matthew,

    I saw you get booted from Race4’12 and CoMITTedtoRomney. Not much fun.

    I think you have potential, so please forgive me for offering some free advice.

    You will get farther and be more persuasive if after you write something, you set it aside for a little while, and then go back and read it taking a contrary approach, meaning you give your whole intellect to finding counter arguments and logic traps in your own writing.

    That way, you will be able to make sure you’ve got all the facts, are using good logic, avoid leaving holes in your argument, and recognize where your logic is weak and do something about it.

    The thought process is more important than the “speed to press.”

    At the same time, you should also evaluate if your use of language, emotion, etc., will overwhelm the logic you are presenting. If it is, you will be alienating people rather than winning them over.

    I don’t think you are trying to be a Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter, so unintentionally alienating people is not what you are after.

    Like my wife often says when I make her mad, “It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it.”

    Good luck

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