The High Cost of the Environmentalist Crusade

Of all the groups who compose the liberal movement, few pose a greater threat to the continued prosperity of the United States than those pushing a radical environmentalist agenda. Led by Al Gore and other tree-huggers, the environmentalist are pushing a dangerous agenda that will damage economic growth and severely weaken the position of the United States in the global economy.

Those who support these absurd restrictions on carbon emissions use fear tactics to scare Americans into supporting their cause, while refusing to mention the very high costs of such restrictions. Over the past three decades, we’ve seen environmentalists gain a dangerous foothold in the American government – its been decades since we’ve built new oil refineries, decades since we’ve built a new Nuclear plant, and all along, more and more land has been declared off limits to the very kind of energy exploration that could help the United States become energy independent. Instead, they insist on a vain pursuit of novelty technologies that aren’t even close to being ready for any kind of widespread use. Not only will we never be able to completely eliminate our need for oil or synthetics – they are used in everything from rubber to plastic to makeup – but the current alternatives to fossil fuels are either inefficient, expensive, or both. Solar power requires expensive equipment and huge spaces of land. Electric and Hydrogen cars are far too inefficient for widespread use. And Wind power requires large and obstructive turbines that create resentment from nearby communities.

So in the end, liberal environmental policies do nothing but kill jobs and increase economic hardship. When a Senior Citizen who spent a career educating students is forced to choose between heat and medicine, when a company is forced to move production from the United States to China, when an unemployed autoworker is forced to choose between putting food on his table or turning on a light, when parents can no longer afford to drive their child to a better school out-of-district, and when many Americans are forced to cut back on their vacation or shopping time because of fuel bills, those are the real products of the green revolution.

Our economy is already in the middle of a deep recession, one that has claimed millions of jobs and destroyed billions in wealth. It will already take years for us to completely recover, and even longer before we are back to the roaring economy we were just a year ago. Recent proposals, such as the “cap-and-trade” scam, or more international regulations and agreements to limit emissions (which not only have an incredible failure rate – virtually all of Europe is expected to miss its carbon goals from Kyoto) will only do more damage to the economy, unemployed more Americans, and push more companies to places like China, which are exempt from global restrictions and where the Government does little to impose such dangerous caps on industry.

Just as the Obama administration tries to help pull the auto industry out of a slump, it is set to pass even higher fuel efficiency standards, which will, once again, force the industry to make smaller and smaller cars – which not only produce a smaller profit, but which the American people do not want.

Liberals, led by the current administration, have chosen the side of environmentalism, against jobs, against wealth, and against business – and its time for the American people to tell the government to stop enforcing human sacrifice to the Green Gods.


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