Card Check on life support

Diane Feinstein is now leaning towards opposing the Employee Free Choice Act. (Hat tip With Herb Kohl wavering, Specter’s opposition, and the the 2 Democrats from Arkansas poised to vote No, it just may be dead.

And not a moment too soon. Getting rid of the secret ballot lets Union organizers collect signatures and if they are gathered from 50%+1 of the employees of the firm they get a Union. This allows organizers to show up at your door, and well, intimidate you. This just seems thuggish.

As Mickey Kaus always argues, other parts of Card-Check are worse. There is binding arbitration if management and Union don’t reach an agreement in a certain time frame. You would have arbitrators come in and set the wages, benefits and rules for a private company. I find this objectionable just because It would be next to impossible. Its the ones who run that business who are the only ones who can know what the hell their doing. It is just too complicated. I agree that scrapping th secret ballot isn’t the worst part of Card-Check.

The pro Card-Check camp argues that surveys show most Americans would like to be Union members. They point out (fairly I think) the slow process in which Unions are certified and that the election process favors management. However the Rasmussen Poll shows that by a 9% to 81% margin, non-union workers would not like to be in a Union.

The pro Card-Check camp has argued that most Americans want to join a Union, they also believe higher Unionization is better for the common good, so Card-Check gives more bargaining power to the Unions. Polling is now revealing however that people do not want to be in Unions. Unions are declining because people non-Union firms as more competitive than Union-firms.


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