No Regrets

Since my recent fall-outs with both Race 4 2012 and CTR, there have been quite a few people expressing dismay over how I let an excited emotional state get me into trouble, or about how I said things I did not mean. Listening to such people would make you think I’m sitting here filled with regret about my actions and wishing I could get back onto those sites. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have absolutely no regrets over what I said or did on either site. Nor will I apologize for saying what I believe. In both cases, I said what I believed needed to be said, the owners of the sites disagreed, neither attempted to offer any rebuttal, or even contact me to discuss the issue, and that resulted in the public disputes that we’ve gone through.

As has been my policy since I started blogging in 2006, I refuse to practice censorship, or to contain my personal views to make those who disagree with me more comfortable. I will say nothing more or less than what I believe needs to be said, and if I’m not welcome to say it on other sites, then I’ll say it here, and let people get it directly from the source (although both of the other sites appear willing to leave SOME content up, a personal annoyance for me, since I don’t like people to be presented with only part of my views).

When I criticized Kavon Nikrad on Race 4 2012, I did so for a reason – I sensed bias against the candidate I support. For those of you who are not familiar with the story, it resulted from a disagreement within the forums on that site. Quite Simply, Kavon posted only about half of the polls conducted for the 2012 election, and said something to the effect that Romney had not won a poll. I responded by including links to two different polls that DID show Romney in the lead, and stated that Kavon must have forgotten (and that was all I said, or intended to say) about them. At that point, he accused me of accusing him of manipulating the numbers – and he dismissed both polls as worthless. My reply was that I wasn’t accusing him of anything – though that simply dismissing all evidence in favor of one candidate does should lead you expect complaints.

Nothing I said in that conversation was dishonest or misleading, and I would gladly say it again – those who appear to be including only half the information open themselves up to attack, and those who wish to participate in political discussions should not use their positions of power to exclude any unfavorable viewpoints.

Things aren’t much different when it comes to what I said a few days ago on CTR. I do believe that, when a candidate with 1/10 the support of the frontrunner is able to soundly defeat everyone else in a poll, it shows that there is work to be done when it comes to web “netroots” organization. That is my view, and good luck getting me to apologize for expressing it. I did not attack Romney, his views, or his position in 2012 – I simply expressed some personal disappointment (I said it was embarrassing)  that our efforts to put Mitt over the top fell short. I also identified the need to improve the Romney Internet webroots so that, when we really get into 2012, we might be able to win some of these contests. But, apparently, even constructive criticism, that applies as much to myself as anyone else, and that is designed to help improve our organization, is not appreciated on that site. Though I challenge anyone to point out exactly what part of that is incorrect (feel free – I’ll put it on the front page). Once again, there is nothing that I would have said differently had I authored the post today, tomorrow, or a week from now.

Those who think I’m going to come to regret what I said need to change their thinking, and those expecting some kind appology or retraction are going to be waiting a VERY long time.



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3 responses to “No Regrets

  1. jrcutler

    Just keep posting here. It’s good to keep an open mind, in both directions.
    Still a little confused that you were banned though, it doesn’t add up very well. I didn’t think you were hostile from the posts I have read, but whatever.

  2. Oh I get why I was banned from Race 4 2012 – Kavon doesn’t appreciate criticism, and would rather silence it than debunk it.

    You’d have to ask Ann Marie why she stopped me from posting on CTR though – if its because I told Romney supporters they needed to do a better job, then I’m afraid some of my fellow Mittheads are going to get a very bad wake-up call soon.

  3. Crystalf

    Matthew — I don’t speak for CTR, only for myself. I responded to you in a thoughtful way, but your comments still don’t reflect that you are open to other points of view. No one doubts that a certain candidate’s net organization is strong .. that is obvious from every (cough .. spammed .. cough) online poll. But much of the offense to your post had nothing to do with the understanding that every candidate needs to improve their net organization. The offense had to do with your encouraging .. and .. promoting .. the cheating in the recent poll. That is not the way to improve someone’s organization. That is .. simply .. cheating. Using the results of said poll does not have any bearing on the strength of a candidate’s organization .. but perhaps, inversely, on the strength of a candidate’s supporters’ character. nuf said.

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