Conservatives Must Shape – Not Follow – Public Opinion

A disturbing trend has developed among the Republican Party in recent years, one that has helped to put the GOP in its current position, and which may help to explain why social problems such as Abortion and Gay Marriage have not yet been completely settled in our favor. The Republican party has become content with simply following, rather than shaping, public opinion. Take, for example, the 2008 election. Rather than nominate a candidate who would have worked in strong support of Conservative Views, we nominated a candidate with “electability” – and, not unlike the 2004 nomination of John Kerry, were soundly defeated. The results are similar for issue-based politics, on everything from global warming to abortion to Gay Marriage, the tide of public opinion has either remained steady, or shifted towards the other side of the debate. This is the direct and unfortunate result of the GOP’s  failure to wage the kind of around-the-clock issues debate demanded by this era of constant elections. No longer can we have a public push for Conservative policies that is limited to the six months before each election, nor can we assume that American opinion will not be shaped by the never-ending push put forward by liberals opposed to Republican and Conservative policies.

Perhaps most disturbing is the view, apparently shared by some within the Republican party, is that public opinion is some how unchangeable, like a poker hand – where you can only do the best you can with the cards you get. This is most visible among those who believe that the GOP must resign itself to the “fact” that socially liberal policies – such as abortion and Gay Marriage – will always be legal. But if those things are to become – or remain – legal, it will be because Conservatives did not succeed in changing mind, likely a result of their failure to offer an alternative to the liberal brainwashing offered by Hollywood, the MSM, and higher education. And those who think that it would end with cultural issues are flat wrong; as I’ve already noted, one of the largest liberal campaigns is on the issue of global warming – an issue with a much greater impact on the economic strength of the country than the social strength.

If Republicans are to remain both major players and Conservatives, then we must embark on a far larger public relations and issues-oriented campaign than either party has ever completed in American history. We must partner with grassroots and other organizations in favor of the Reganist policies of family, life, low taxes, and a strong military. We must use the Internet, television, radio, print, and all other mediums to remind Americans that it is our policies which helped to make American strong and secure, and that it is the policies offered by our opponents which will erode our social fabric, damage our economic power, and leave us weak in the area of foreign policy.


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