Obama’s Approval Continues to Slip – PAI Sits at +2

If Obama’s recent European trip provided any boost to his popularity, the additional support has long since dried up, and then some. Obama’s Presidential Approval Index (calculated by Rasmussen by subtracting the number of those who strong disapprove from the number of people who strongly approve) is now at +2%, the lowest rating to date. Not only is Obama losing overall support, but his opponents are becoming increasingly polarized. At the start of his term, only about half of those opposed to Obama rated their opposition as “strong disapproval” – today, that number is closer to 75%.

Obama maintains a respectable total approval rating, but the increasing polarized electorate has virtually eliminated the talk of a post-partisan America, and the longer Obama is in office, the more he begins to look like just another Liberal President – one having more than his share of problems. The President is going to have to find a way to reverse this trend, which has remained relatively continuous with only a few exceptions, otherwise Obama could be a liability for the DNC in 2010, when down-ticket races could be critical because of redistricting in several states.


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