Environmentalism’s Internal Rift

We’re used to hearing environmentalists rallying against industry, the corporate world, the Republican party, and just about any other group that doesn’t submit to their agenda. But with Democrats now in power, and more Americans open to the idea of alternative energy (thanks largely to the energy shock last summer – itself a product of environmentalist policies against oil drilling), “green” ideas that were once just that are now becoming reality. But these environmentalist policies are finding an unlikely opponent – in environmentalists. Fox News had the story:

A westward dash to power electricity-hungry cities by cashing in on the desert’s most abundant resource — sunshine — is clashing with efforts to protect the tiny pupfish and desert tortoise and stinginess over the region’s rarest resource: water.”

This development is only the latest in a series of revelations to the tree-huggers that it will be far harder than they thought – if not impossible – to develop an energy policy completely in line with their ridiculous standards. Unwilling to make the move to nuclear power, which actually could provide the United States with cheap, zero-emission energy, the greens are left with only two proposals: solar and wind. Not only are both expensive to build and maintain, but they require massive land use – usually in the desert – as well as plenty of water, which, unlike sunshine or wind, is not exactly plentiful in the sands of Arizona. In these cases, solving (and that is a huge overstatement) one problem leads to several others.

Its about time the global warming crowd got a welcome to the world of unintended consequences.


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