Obama’s First 100 Days

As Obama’s first 100 days draws to a close, so does his best opportunity to pass the mountains of major, controversial legislation that he ran on. So what does he have to show for his efforts? Not much. The Stimulus bill has been passed, signed, and implemented, but job losses have continued at an alarming pace – one that will only increase if any of the major automakers are forced into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The stock market has made a recovery, but after the 50%+ drop earlier this year, it only had one way to go. And the few major policy victories that Obama has achieved has come at a massive cost to his popularity – his approval rating has fallen while his negatives have skyrocketed.

Internal problems have also plagued this White House far earlier than normal – almost from day one, Obama’s nominees has been embroiled in one scandal after another. Several have been forced to withdraw, and those who haven’t sit somewhere between a running joke and a public embarrassment. Were it not for the current economic crisis, its likely that Obama would have even more vacant positions than he does now. Some have already began calling for the heads of nominees previously confirmed.

Internationally, Obama has had both successes and failures – and more than enough problems to last him the entire four years. Pirates in Somalia, stubborn European governments, and a growing Pakistani Taliban which could place nuclear weapons in danger are combining to give Obama a real test. That ignores the threats that existed when he took office – Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela – which still remain.

Overall, its been a rocky road for the new President, and it remains to be seen exactly how much more difficult things will become for Obama as he moves deeper into the sea of Partisanship that is the current Political climate. I’m not going to call BO a complete failure, but this certainly isn’t the dream ride it looked like on election night.


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