Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out – Specter Shows True Colors, Changes to DNC

Its about time the Republican Party can finally say good riddance to bad, liberal rubbish in the party. This isn’t a huge surprise, since Specter’s ideological leanings are not even remotely in lock step with the Republican Party. It was Specter, you’ll remember, who first unleashed the tide of big-government, liberal spending on the nation when he sided with the President to pass the Stimulus – a Democratic victory that not only initiated a new period of big government, but which destroyed our chances of seriously blocking Obama’s first 100-days agenda. It was also Specter who, less than a week ago, pleged to work against the surveillance techniques that have kept America safe.

Specter and those like him are what is wrong with the Republican Party – unprincipled “moderates” who’s marriage with the GOP is one of self-serving convenience, rather than an ideological or personal commitment to advance a cause that helps the country.  Specter is switching parties for one reason and one reason only: to save his own head. He has been, and is, unable to defend his politically traitorous voting record among the GOP bloc, and, trailing badly in the primary, has decided he will cross the line and join the DNC where, he hopes, he might have better luck. Don’t count on it though – Specter might be a left-of-center moderate, but he’s no where near the kind of raging liberal who will please the DNC’s base, and with his true colors revealed, Specter will be lucky to make it out of the Primary, much less the general election.

Now is the time to tack Specter to every hated, destructive, pathetic piece of legislation the Democrats want to put through, whether he’s voted for them for not – card check,  abortion, gay marriage, high taxes, weak national defense, socialized medicine, waste, and the kind of strict environmental standards that are doing potentially irreparable damage to the manufacturing industries of the Great Lakes Region. On some of those issues, Specter IS a Democrat. On others, he’s just sleeping with Democrats. But in either case, he is helping to advance a destructive, backwards, anti-progress agenda that is hurting the USA.

There are those – mainly whiny liberals in the party – who will try and point the finger at the Conservative base of the Republican party (see HERE and HERE), claiming that its those who demand some conservatism from their elected leaders are making the GOP into a regional party. They would rather run liberal candidates in liberal states and dilute and damage the strong pro-family, pro-military, pro-growth message of the GOP – all in the name of having a “majority”, than they would work to convince independents of exactly why we need Conservatism, or even better, start taking on some of those Blue Dogs who might be personally center-right or even Conservative, but who are really just one extra vote for a liberal majority.

Make no mistake, Specter does far more damage to the GOP by supporting bills like the Stimulus package than Toomy could EVER do by losing in the general election. The GOP is no more a regional party than the Democratic party is – it just didn’t happen to have the favor of the center in 2008. This has already changed, and by 2010 or 2012, its highly possible, even probable, that the pendulum will swing back in the other direction as Americans get their first nasty does of liberalism since Jimmy Carter was in the White House.

Its far past time the GOP cleaned house, sending those damaging the party and the country packing. Only in doing so, and perhaps experiencing a short-term contraction, will we ever be able to meaningfully grow the Conservative ranks and restore the country to it’s maximum potential of political and economic power.

Adios Specter, don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out.


P.S. – look for an endorsement of a new GOP candidate in the PA Senate race to be released soon.


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