Tom Ridge should Run

In an apparent reversalTom Ridge may run against Arlen Specter. Ridge may give him a run for his money. Pat Toomey’s appeal would be limited to conservatives. Tom Ridge remains popular from his stellar record as Governor that earned him sky-high approval ratings. He ran the Department of Homeland Security well, and is a Vietnam Vet. I’ll take that resume anyday.

As a side note, I did not support Specter against Toomey but I consider it just stupid to say “Im happy to see him go.” The Democrats got one more in their caucus. Thats just terrific. That puts them at 60. That means moderates like Snowe and Collins have less bargaining power and have almost no incentive to remain Republicans. 3 more Democrats and 3 less Republicans is of absolutely no benefit to me. Conservatives would be ecstatic to have a conservative Democrat like Ben Nelson come to their side, and alas the Democrats are ecstatic to have Spector and laughing at Republican ineptitude. The Republican party is in no position to shrink itself and go RINO hunting. You would think some people like being in the minority. Hopefully they don’t purge Tom Ridge.

– Josh


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