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Wisconsin Smoking Ban

Given the fact that the Democrats won full control of State Government in November, a statewide smoking ban was inevitable.

The paternalistic, neo-prohibitionist, nictotine Nazis will get theit glorious victory. Meanwhile, my state will lose freedom, property rights, and responsible businesses and their employees will be hurt.

Where does the Government get off setting smoking policy on private property? What if one has a dream to start a piano bar where people are free to smoke? (you know, cause its cool and nostalgic) What about all that start-up capital and the ensuing time investment that goes into being the entreprenuer of a Tavern? Does that not concern the elitists in the legislature?

If someone doesn’t like smoking in bars they can vote with their feet. If enough people don’t like it, that establishment will feel the pinch and either accomodate or continue to lose because it is inferior at running a business. The market responds to what the consumers want, whether smoking is allowed or not is already up to them. Its called capitalism.

There will be talk of a “compromise where both sides worked together” and how “most people wanted a smoking ban and we acted on behalf of them.” A majority-held view isn’t automatically virtuous. To go ahead and mug smokers and bar-owners who are in the minority is shameful and dissapointing. Some compromise.

– Josh


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