Principles for a Stronger America: Indroduction

The position of the Republican Party, in many ways, couldn’t be worse – we’re out of power in both Congress and White House, we have minimal ability to block liberal appointments to the Supreme Court, there appears to be no clear or single leader of the party, and every political pundit in the MSM or on the Internet seems to be writing the eulogy for the GOP – or at least the Reaganist GOP that strongly endorses Conservative policies. In other ways, our current situation is an opportunity. As is often the case, time spent out of power is used to rebuild, re-energize, and renew whichever party happens to be in the minority. This doesn’t necessarily mean a change in principles (as both the 1980 and 1994 comebacks for the GOP were done using Conservative ideas), but it often means making changes.

Many have already tried to build on this opportunity by offering a range of solutions – moderation, following England’s lead, compromise, inclusiveness, as well as other, more typical suggestions. In many ways, this is like the diet industry – people dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into books, shakes, pills, drinks, machines, and videos when they could probably lose weight just as well if they would eat a little less and walk a little more.

In this series, which will likely span several weeks, I hope to offer a similar “back to basics” approach to reestablishing the GOP as the dominant political force in the United States. This project will actually contain two series. The first, consisting of principles, will cover general ideas and concepts vital to our continued success as a nation. The second series – which will likely come some time this summer – will apply those principles as well as Conservative beliefs to specific policy issues.  As you’ll find, many of the articles I post will be one of a pair – for example, freedom will be paired with responsibility, trade will be balanced with self sufficiency, etc. This is because very few things are truly absolute – almost ever policy or principle comes with some kind of disclaimer about not taking it too far.

I’m not going to lay out any deffinate time line for how often these articles will go out – I’m busy with school, work, and preparing for college – but I’m going to shoot for one or two a week, at least until this summer – when I might be able to get more up.


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