Same-sex Marriage

Matt suggests that only a small majority of young voters support same-sex marriage. According to the CBS/NEW York Times poll, support has increased from 22 percent in 2004 to 44 percent now among the general public. Sounds inevitable to me. 57% of under 40s in this poll support same-sex marriage. Thats not too small. In any event the Washington Post ABC poll shows support for marriage equality at 66% among under 30’s. We are also able to find out that 45% of those supporter as “strongly support” same sex marriage. There’s some passion.

Matt also says that as voters become older they become more conservative and oppose same-sex marriage. There is numerous polling from PEW that our generation as opposed to previous cohorts supports same sex marriage. The support is higher than previous generations of 18-29 year olds.

I also want to take up the point about passion. For me, when a law restricts freedom for no good reason it should be repealed. As same-sex marriage will not affect my hoped for future heterosexual marriage or anyone elses I am for it. I think erring on the side of liberty is the best governing philosophy we can pursue. I also am a big fan of marriage and the stability it brings to relationships. Homosexual relationships frankly are not very stable, so I think getting them into the institution of marriage will be a benefit to them. It will also cut down on disease by increasing monogamy and responsibility that marriage brings. Its good social policy. So Im very passionate about it. But thats just me so what about others? Matt used anecdotal evidence so I will too. During the 2006 elections Wisconsin had a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. The student crowd was only passionate about that one issue. Students went to the polls ginned up to vote down the amendment and at the same time casted votes for Democrats whereas these same voters would have otherwise stayed home.



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