An Unholy Embarrassment to the Catholic Faith

Despite all efforts to prevent Barack Obama from speaking at Notre Dame’s commencement address, the President will soon depart Washington for South Bend, IN. This is nothing less than a complete embarrassment of the Catholic faith and a dark stain against Catholic education in the United States. As a supporter of abortion rights – which Barack Obama unquestionably is – the President breaks one of Catholicism’s most important political stances: that unborn life is sacred, holy, and must be defended.

There are some who will try to make excuses, arguing that the President is not a rabid abortionist, and that he wants to reduce the number of abortions. That’s great – but he supports legalized abortion, he reversed the Mexico City policy, and the party he represents has attacked policies that permit doctors and other medical personnel to refuse to assist in the destruction of innocent life. Others will argue that the President is an advocate for the quality of life – and that those who oppose abortion are really just pro-birth. My only response to that is that being “pro-birth” is nothing to shy from. Without birth, without the child actually being brought into this world, everything else is completely meaningless.

There are certain circumstances where is MIGHT be acceptable for the President to speak at a Catholic Institution – if he were to open himself to challenge or rebuttal, or if he was simply being brought in as one side of a political argument. But that is not the case. Barack Obama is being granted the privilege of giving the commencement address AND and honorary degree. Both suggest that the President is not just another individual with his own opinions, but a superior voice and authority worthy of sending whatever message he might choose to the Catholic youth of this country.

and that is not the case, it is, in fact, a complete embarrassment.



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