Is WI Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Walker playing on homophobia?

I received this in my inbox today: That’s how State Rep. Pocan characterized the $36.7 million in special favors that Assembly Democrats added to the state budget last week. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, some of these “non-substantial” expenditures include:

• $5 million in bonds for the Bradley Center
• $46,000 to purchase recycling bins for a town
• $500,000 to renovate an opera house
• $50,000 for a shooting range
• $250,000 for the Madison Children’s Museum
• $500,000 to fund the Aldo Leopold Climate Change Laboratory
• $400,000 for Native American Tourism
• $110,000 for the Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools
This “Walker Weekly” email points out pork-barrel projects the Wisconsin Democrats are engaging in. The last one involves money for the Gay Straight Alliance. I am strongly opposed to this unnecessary spending, and I have my own problems with GSA that I won’t get into right now, but their are many other projects that could have been pointed out.
The strategy behind this is obvious. The Walker campaign is playing on anti-gay sentiment to score political points. They should have some dignity and not beat up on homosexuals to score votes.


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