Is Fred Thompson Going to Run, or Not?

To be completely honest, I don’t have a clue anymore. When his name first surfaced, I did not think he would actually jump into the race. Then, as his popularity and support increased, I thought he would, even reporting a rumored date on my site. Now, I am leaning back towards “not running.” Q2 has come and gone without an announcement. The Fourth of July has come and gone, without an announcement. Major speeches by Fred Thompson have come and gone, without an announcement. In addition, I cannot find one credible whisper on the Internet about a date. The best I heard was before the end of Q2 when he was going to enter “after the 4th holiday”. If that were true, the best time to announce would have been yesterday, a Saturday that gave him plenty of time to campaign, a large at-home audience to his announcement, and the top spot on all of the Sunday shows. If we do not hear an announcement or rumors of one within the next week or so, I don’t expect him to run.

While I do not know if he is going to run or not, I have a theory as to what may have been the deciding factor – the Q2 fundraising. Fred Thompson had set an extremely modest goal for himself – a goal that should have been easily attained if he has as much support as many say. The Christian Right and Conservative Southerners were supposedly lining up to back him. That should have given him at least close to his goal. It does not, however, look like he even came close. He has not released his numbers, which hints at a low total. If indeed, Fred Thompson does not enter, I think low-fundraising may be the reason.



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3 responses to “Is Fred Thompson Going to Run, or Not?

  1. josh4viceprez

    good question. He definitely did not hit his fundraising targets so that just may keep him out. And we havent heard a thing about him for a long time

  2. DevRonin

    Who cares…I liked him better in “Days of Thunder” with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise than I ever have as a politician. I mean come on let’s be real. Wasn’t he involved in “WATERGATE?”. Isn’t he another corporate lobbyist?…Is anyone so stupid as to believe for one second that Fred Thompson will put the interest of the American people before the interest of corporations and other foreign interest?…I think he should go back to silver screen because he comes off to me as an actor NOT a statesman….He would only succeed in turning American Liberty and Justice into a greazy spot on some country road.

  3. Swint

    It is interesting that you mentione this, I was just thinking the same thing today. Weird. It is really strange that we are not seeing much movement from him. I don’t think he has the fire in the belly for it. I think he would be a fine president, but I don’t know if he is cut out for it. I wonder if he thinks, like I do, that he is peaking right now and that there is no place to go but down. Maybe there are some skeleton’s in his closet that he is worried about getting out. Or maybe another GOP candidate is trying to talk him out of it by promising the Veep spot? I don’t know, but if he doesn’t run, I think Romney will be the beneficiary and will likely be the GOP nominee.

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